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Things to Do with Completed Coloring Pages

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So, you've joined the adult coloring craze. You're buying coloring books left and right. You've colored a few pages and there are more to come, but what are you going to do with all your beautifully colored masterpieces?

Things to do with your finished coloring sheets

First, take pictures and show them off on social media. Don't keep those beautiful works of art to yourself! And, don't forget to credit the illustrator.

Next, pick out your favorites and...

  1. Frame them. Hang them up or give them as gifts.                                                    
  2. Make a wall plaque. (Add hooks to the bottom to make it a key hanger.)
  3. Turn them into wallpaper.
  4. Use them for decoupage.
  5. Fold them in half & turn them into greeting cards. This works best for pages printed on heavy paper or cardstock. For pages printed on regular paper, you can cut them down, and attach them to a piece of cardstock instead.
  6. Use them to make iron on transfers. (Instructions coming soon!)
  7. Or, just keep them in the book. It will serve as a mini portfolio of your work. Display them on a shelf or the coffee table for people to flip through when you have company. (Makes a great conversation starter!)
  8. Take them to nursing homes or hospitals, and brighten up someone's room.
  9. Join the Coloring 4 Cancer group on Facebook, and donate your pictures there.
  10. Give them to your adult children to hang on their refrigerators, just like they used to give you theirs when they were kids.

For books that are printed on both sides and do not have perforated pages, I prefer option #7. To me that is the best way to display them without running the risk of ruining the pages when trying to remove them.

Have some pages that have a few mistakes, or that you didn't like all that much? Here are some ideas for those...

  1. Cut different shapes out of them, and use them as gift tags.
  2. Use them as wrapping paper.
  3. Cut out shapes & turn them into Christmas ornaments. (Instructions coming soon!)
  4. Turn them into party hats.
  5. Cut them into strips, and make bookmarks out of them.
    Speaking of bookmarks, have you seen our new Color It Yours: Henna Inspired Designs Bookmarks?
  6. Use them for origami.

Save this post for later, and check back often. I will continue updating this blog post with new ideas, and photos.

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  • Debby on

    Im a beginner adult coloring books… I really really enjoy it. I love the gel pen. I want to start learning pencils.. Im just trying my best and learning on the way!!! Thanks for the some tips..

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