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The Best Coloring Books for Valentine's Day

Still looking for the perfect Valentine's Day gift for that special someone?

Give the gift of colorful relaxation and creative enjoyment. Dinner, chocolates, and flowers are great, but why not throw in something that will last a lot longer? The dinner will be eaten, the chocolates will too, and those flowers will eventually wilt, but coloring books are forever. Just one coloring book could provide weeks, or months of creative enjoyment and stress relief. And what happens when all the pages are colored? There will be a book of colorful masterpieces to look back at for years to come.

For other ideas of what to do with completed pages check out this blog post.

Coloring Books of Hearts and Flowers

1. Color It Yours: Henna Inspired Designs Coloring Book Volume 1 by Jason Followell

Coloring book artist Jason Followell does an amazing job putting his own spin on traditional henna designs, and Color It Yours (Caitlin Followell) offers some great coloring tips at the beginning of the book. This henna inspired coloring book has a uniqueness that anyone is sure to love. It has features 24 original designs, including a few hearts, and lots of beautifully unique flowers. Each page printed on one side only, and there is a color test page in the back to test out all your colors and color palette ideas.

2. A Hundred Hearts by Steve Turner

This book is not just 100 hearts. It is one hundred DIFFERENT hearts, each with it's own style and design. Each heart in this book is truly spectacular. Pages in this book are printed on one side only. Plus, each book comes with a special code to download this book for free, and a bonus colored download that you can print and customize.

Love Themed Coloring Books

3. Color Love by Thaneeya McArdle

This book is great, because it gives lots of coloring tips, color palette ideas, examples of finished pages, and discusses color theory. It is a bit small compared to most coloring books, at 5" x 8". That makes it the perfect size to throw in your purse or bag, and take it wherever you go. Some of the pages in this book are on the simple side, but that leaves plenty of room to add your own details.

4. Creative Haven Let There Be Love Coloring Book by Alexandra Cowell

This book includes 31 whimsical, romantic images to color. This book represents many different types of love. Pages are printed on one side and perforated for easy removal.



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