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Happy #FriYAY!!!

It's #FriYAY!!!

#FlashSaleFriday 7/21/2017 Color It Yours - Sneak Peek

Who doesn't get excited for Friday?

It's the beginning of the weekend!!!

I don't know anyone that doesn't get excited for Friday every week.

You've worked hard all week, right?

And, it's almost time to relax! You should start your weekend off right by getting yourself a little something special.

I think we have just the thing....or things. LOL

In case you missed it over on Facebook and Instagram. We have some new jewelry swimming our way and it is available now for pre-order.


In addition to these colorful Mermaid Scale Earrings, we also have this beautiful Ocean Drop Starfish Necklace on it's way, and more.


That's not all...

We're almost finished with our next adult coloring book, Color It Yours: Henna Inspired Designs, and it's on sale today too. Hit the play button for a sneak peek.


And, for today's #FlashSaleFriday offer...

You can get any of our pre-order products for 50% off. What!?

If that doesn't make you say YAY! We don't know what will.

Hey, maybe we'll change the name of our weekly #FlashSaleFriday sale to our #FriYAY sale.

Hurry! Go get your order in before we sell out!

Click the shop button...You know you want to!


P.S. Don't keep these deals to yourself. Share this with your friends!

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