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Kendrick's Mermaid Kreations

Kendrick's Mermaid Kreations

What Is Kendrick's Kreations?

Kendrick's Kreations started back in 2014 when Followell's Finds & Designs had a retail store. Kendrick was 9 years old at the time. He got into the rubber band bracelet craze, like most other kids did, and he wanted to sell his bracelets in the shop, and at the craft shows we attended. He then started making magnets out of Perler beads, and wanted to sell those as well. Of course, I let him. I explained that those items were something just about everyone knew how to make, so there might not be a very big market for them, but he insisted. Who was I to stand in the way of a young entrepreneur? I got to work moving things around, and making a space for him in the shop.


Kendrick's Mermaid Design

Last month when his little sister wasn't feeling well, Kendrick drew her a picture of the cutest little mermaid I had ever seen. I was sure everyone else would love it too, so told him he should put it on a shirt. It took some convincing, but he finally agreed after I posted it on Facebook, and he saw people actually did love it.

So, we got to work...

Being that this was Kendrick's first time to do something like this, he needed help. It was still his project though. I sat down with him, and showed him how to scan and edit his drawing for print, showed him how to add it to the products, and how to put them on the website.

Kendrick's Kreations
Kendrick getting his mermaid drawing ready for t-shirts.
He decided to make one with no color, so each person can color it the way they like (Color It Yours), and we came up with two colored versions for those who don't want to color their own. We also put his design on mugs, notebooks, laptop sleeves, and cell phone cases.

The First Sale

After adding his products to the site, we went to bed. In the morning, we woke up to his very first order. IT WAS SO EXCITING!!!


The first person to buy one of Kendrick's Mermaid Shirts (pictured above) was Neno of Neno's Sketchbook. She's an amazing artist, and has some very cool designs. Definitely worth checking out.

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